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What are Personality Disorders?


Personality Disorders, also known previously as character disorders is a broad term for a class of personality types and behaviors that describe individuals who have problems dealing with other people. The patient will typically tend to be rigid and inflexible, finding it harder than other people to respond as easily to the changes and demands that occur in life. They are seen as dysfunctional in the way they assess situations and relate to other people.

People with personality disorders experience abnormal thoughts and behaviors that keep them from functioning as well as they should.

The nature of those thoughts and behaviors depends on which personality disorder a person has, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, paranoid personality disorder or borderline personality disorder. The disorders do have one thing in common: They usually don’t go away without treatment.

A personality disorder is a mental illness. The patient can become distressed when having to perform everyday functions in the workplace, school or situations involving other people.

It is not uncommon for the person with a personality disorder to believe that their behaviors and interpretations of things around them are normal. However, their thought processes and behaviors may be self-destructive and self-denigrating. In a significant number of cases other people are blamed for any problems or difficulties that occur.

Personality disorders are known to be extremely hard to treat. But research suggests that dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive therapy can help people with one of the most common disorders.


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